Tennis Program & Court Rules



1. Keep the Tennis Director and your captain current with your contact information, including residential status, email, and phone numbers.
2. Stay informed via
3. Be available at least twice per season in order to retain your spot on your team’s roster.
4. Provide your availability to your captain the week before the season starts.
5. Provide an image that will promote professionalism while on the court. Players should understand that unprofessional behavior could result in their not being allowed to play on a Medlock Bridge team in the future.

1. When a player would like to join a team:
a. The player checks the team list on the website
b. Player communicates with the Tennis Director in person, on the phone, or via and, if practical, requests of the Captain that he join the team.
c. If the team is open (as declared by the Captain) and if the Tennis Director deems it appropriate, then the person is added by the Tennis Director (if ALTA) or is given the team # to join a USTA team.
d. If the team is Full or Closed (as declared by the Captain), if the player is a resident, the Tennis Director should strategize with the player to determine the best team fit, which may not be the player’s original team of choice.,
i. If it is before the roster deadline and there are non-residents on the player’s team of choice, the Tennis Director may have the Captain add the player to the team, which may mean the captain must excuse a non-resident from the team.
1. An override is not guaranteed and may depend on other circumstances unique to the individual situation
2. If the player’s team of choice was Full (i.e., had non-residents on it the captain does not wish to replace) but the Tennis Director did not recommend the player be added, the issue can be sent to the Resolution Subcommittee.
ii. Otherwise, Tennis Director works to find other options for the player including
1. Finding another suitable team
2. Forming a new team
iii. Once the final registration deadline has passed and the Captain has declared the team Closed or Full, the player will be declined and referred to the next season.
1. The Captain may decide to Close or Open his team after the final registration on a case by case basis and should communicate this to the Tennis Director and consult with him as needed.
iv. After the final registration deadline, a captain will not be required to force a non-resident off the team.

1) All team Captains must be residents of Medlock Bridge.
2) The Tennis Director must approve of all Medlock Bridge teams being formed with more than two (2) players
a. Any team formed without the knowledge of the Tennis Director will be subject to consequences levied by the Tennis Director. This means the team may not be permitted match play, makeup matches, team clinics, or team practice and the team may be disbanded.
b. The Tennis Director will be an ALTA designee for all ALTA teams so that he can register a player for a team if asked.
c. Self-directed leagues – such as K-Swiss, T2, Ultimate, etc. are responsible for booking their own courts through
i. The Tennis Director reserves courts and communicates the court schedule for all ALTA and USTA league teams, including makeup matches.
ii. Court priority is given first to team match play, second to makeup team matches, third to team clinics, fourth to team practice, and finally to open play. This shall be posted on and
3) There will be a quarterly meeting of all Captains organized by the Tennis Director.
a. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss player movements, inform captains of rule changes, educate new captains, assign courts, and discuss clinic and practice needs.
b. Teams not represented may lose priority for coaching time and practice courts.
c. A member of the Tennis Committee w